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SoundPackager is a handy PC customization app that will let you apply sound packages to your computer quickly and easily.

Customizing your PC is a good way to make it a little bit more fun. Lots of Windows themes come with new sounds included, but if you want to change the sounds, without necessarily changing wallpapers and screensavers too, SoundPackager will make it happen.

Using SoundPackager couldn't be easier. When you install the app, it has several packages already installed so you can get a feel for the app. You can also download more, from the SoundPackager website. Some of these are user-made and free, while other, more professional ones, are available to buy.

Once you've imported any new sound packages, they'll appear in the main SoundPackager interface. From here you can read a brief description, share the package, apply it, or edit the sounds. Sound editing will appear in a new window - from here you can listen to individual sounds, assign them to new events, delete them, or get more info on them. Once they are all assigned to your liking (or you can just use the default scheme and edit later, if needed), you can apply them to your system.

The great thing about SoundPackager is that people are pretty imaginative and have created thousands of sound packages that make it easy to add something extra to your PC. SoundPackager makes it extra simple to install and edit these sounds, and is definitely a program we'd recommend.

Install and edit sound themes in a flash with SoundPackager sound package tool.


  • Bunches of packages available
  • Easy to download new ones
  • Edit all aspects of the sounds


  • Must download most content separately
  • Not a great interface


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SoundPackager 10.0 for PC


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